In 2012 I decided I wanted to try something different. After being in Spokane for my first full season at The Creek at Qualchan, I couldn’t believe the entire city just “took a break” from golf over the winter. I had heard about the Golf Dome and how popular that was, but at the time nobody was offering anything during the snow season. That’s when I got the idea to turn the restaurant at Qualchan into a teaching studio and teach throughout the winter. Although I had many critics, the initial series filled with 40 students. They loved it and the program has grown ever since. Now in my 7th season, I have 100 full time students who partake in the 4 month total game make over at our full time teaching studio at Indian Canyon and many who wish they would have signed up earlier.

What is the Winter Lesson Series?

The winter lesson series is designed to help you make swing changes while the courses are shut down for play. You get 12 private half hour sessions to use between December and April. We will identify two or three areas where we can improve your swing and focus on those through the duration of the snow season.  

Where do the lessons take place?

In the building on the driving range at Indian Canyon. If you haven’t seen it, we’ve transformed it into a full teaching studio. It is heated and pleasant even when it’s below freezing outside. Our maintenance team also does a great job of keeping the entry plowed, so driving is fine.

What is the cost?

The cost is $700 total. We bill in monthly increments, $40 in November as a deposit, then $165 December through March.

That seems expensive:

In comparison, not really. If you were to rent a simulator at another place for $40 per hour and go for 12 weeks, you would pay $480. At other TEC Golf studios, they charge upwards of $1,200 for similar programs. Remember, you’re getting one on one, award winning private instruction, with state of the art technology… all to yourself.  

How do I schedule?

To make scheduling easy, we block off the same day and time every week that is your time to come and do work. If your schedule varies, we can have you on a rotating schedule where you change days and times each week.

What do you use to teach?

              First, we use Trackman, the leader in golf simulator and launch monitors. It was developed by the Danish Navy… It is scary accurate. Our professional staff is the best in the area at understanding the data and transferring to you in a way that you can understand. We also use video, Boditrak ground mechanic analysis and 3D Swing sensors to give you the complete package. 

What if I miss my lesson?

That’s ok. There are 21 weeks between December and the end of April. We take a break for Christmas and a few other personal days for the professionals. The program is formatted to work with travel schedules.

Can I choose to do a partial package?

Yes, however, priority booking goes to those who choose to do the full program. 

Is there a chance to practice in between lessons?

Typically no. We will have roughly 100 students partaking in this program, so our simulator time is booked with those. That said, and as odd as this sounds, students who don’t practice between sessions have shown the best results for a few reasons:

  • Most students lose focus when the practice on their own and ingrain old, poor habits. When you only hit with us, we can ensure that the practice you get is correct and meaningful.
  • Our teaching philosophy revolves around correct body movements. After each session, we’ll give you movement exercises that you can do at home, work or anywhere that helps you achieve your goals without swinging a club.

I’m a beginner or know a beginner, is this a good place to start?

Oh goodness yes. Private sessions and limited ball flight is PERFECT for new players. It is stress free and helps the growth process.

What if I don’t get through all 12 lessons?

We ask that you make the best effort you can to take advantage of the program. In the rare case you do not finish your sessions, you may carry them over to the spring and summer?

Who teaches the lessons: 

Derek Siesser, PGA – Teaches Sunday through Thursday

Matt Nosbaum – Teaches Friday & Saturday

Want to sign up or have more questions?

Contact Derek Siesser at [email protected] or 425.241.3677




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